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Stijlvol inrichten met een beperkt budget

Stylish furnishing with a limited budget

Furnishing a house or flat can be quite expensive. Not everyone has the money to invest in new furniture. Fortunately, you don't have to. With our tips, you can decorate your home with style even on a limited budget.

Mood board

Stylish, what does that mean? Style and taste are very personal, different for everyone. To know what you find stylish, you can make a mood board. Make little crafts from magazines and home decor magazines. Or create an online mood board by surfing for hours on online furniture shops. Inspiration for your dream interior can be found anywhere.

Less is more

What goes for your clothes, also goes for your interior. Less is sometimes better, especially if you want to furnish your home on a limited budget. With a few quality basic pieces, such as a sofa, a cabinet or a bed, you can quickly furnish your home in a minimalist but stylish way. A few decorative elements are enough to furnish your home in a fun and affordable way. You don't have to buy all your furniture or decorative items at once. You can spread your purchases out and create your dream interior step by step.


Stylishly furnishing your interior with the cheapest pieces? It's possible, but it's better to invest in quality pieces as well. If you have a limited budget, it's a good idea to work out a plan: which furniture do you want to spend more money on? A good bed, a soft sofa and a sturdy cabinet: these are pieces where you want to choose quality over quantity. They may be a little more expensive, but they also last a lot longer. Do you have to buy a new cabinet every two years because you always go for the cheapest one? You end up spending more money anyway. Do you still need some extra money? You can also apply for a personal loan. Check your options here.

Unique pieces

You can also spend a bit more money on striking, unique pieces. Have you set your eye on a stunning marble table? Probably not the cheapest table you can find, but luckily you only need one. Such a marble table is the eye-catcher of your dining room and you can combine it perfectly with some cheaper chairs. With a unique piece, you can also keep the rest of the room a bit more sober, which will save you money on decoration.

Art on the walls

A Picasso or Van Gogh on your walls? That's not quite affordable. Wall art can take your home to the next level. But how do you make it affordable? There are several tricks. In (online) furniture shops you can find stylish works of art or wall decorations for a reasonable price. Or maybe there's a Picasso hidden in you or in your children? Old drawings or children's drawings in an inexpensive frame can also brighten up your wall. You can also decorate your room with photos of friends or family. Everything's possible on a limited budget!


Less is more, but every room can use an eye catcher. With little money, you can buy beautiful decorative items. A large mirror, a soft plaid or a fun vase immediately make your interior much livelier. Plants and striking flower pots also thrive in any home.


Lighting makes or breaks your stylish interior. Illuminating your dining room with a bright fluorescent lamp may be the cheapest choice, but it's not the most beautiful one. After all, stylish lamps don't have to be expensive. There are plenty of beautiful examples to be found for every budget. With a striking hanging lamp in your dining room or a modern standing lamp in your living room, you can style your house or apartment in a cosy way.


To a large extent, a floor determines the feel of your home. Laying a new floor on a limited budget is not always possible. Luckily, with a limited budget you can still lay a new rug that gives your floor a completely new look.

Mix & match

Style is personal. Stylish does not necessarily mean that you have to furnish your house or flat in a very strict way where every chair, vase or table matches perfectly. You can make your home unique by combining different materials and furniture pieces. For example, you can combine more expensive furniture with affordable pieces or combine old furniture with new. An eclectic style that can totally be you and very affordable at the same time.

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