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Retro Dining Chair Black/Natural Rattan - Ruben

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This rattan dining chair, inspired by Pierre Jeanneret, is a must-have for lovers of vintage design or a rural interior. It seat and backrest are both covered with beautifully woven rattan and go harmoniously with the black wooden frame.

Combine the chair with a stylish seat cushion and a round or straight dining table, and There you go! Your dining room is complete again on trend. This Ruben chair fits seamlessly into any dining room. 

For the complete look, it is best to get other rattan elements at home, such as a rattan armchair or a sofa rattan. The different natural furniture will provide cohesion and warmth in your home. 

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  • Height (cm) 83.0
  • Width (cm) 43.0
  • Depth (cm) 43.0
  • Seat height (cm) 40
  • Seat depth (cm) 47
  • Colour Zwart
  • Seat color Naturel
  • Color legs Zwart
  • Main material Wood
  • Seat material Rotan
  • Material legs Fineerhout
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