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Een kleine leefruimte inrichten doe je zo

This is how you furnish a small living space

Do you live in a small house or apartment? Then furnishing your rooms requires inventive ideas to prevent it from being cluttered. A small space often looks charming and so can your interior. Step away from purely functional design of small spaces and turn your tiny house into a real home. We already give you some basic principles to get started yourself.


Divide your spaces into even smaller chunks

It may seem a bit contradictory because in small spaces you tend to leave them open as much as possible. But to create a light and spacious effect in a small home, it is important to maintain peace and overview. How? By separating separate living areas. Not with a wall or wall, but by demarcating transitions between different functional spaces with a sideboard, plants, an armchair, floor lamps or rugs. This way you make it clear that you walk from your living room into the kitchen, even if you are quite limited in square meters.

small living space

Choose furniture on legs or floating elements

You create light and space in your home by leaving your floor as empty as possible. Therefore, choose furniture on legs that leave the floor free. Or go for floating elements. Not only are they extremely practical, they are also perfect for small spaces. With a floating TV unit, for example, you immediately create more openness in your home. An extra asset: it suddenly looks a lot sleeker and more modern. The same goes for bookcases. They make your interior a lot heavier, but by choosing shelves or floating boxes you make the whole thing much more spacious.

floating television cabinet

Light colors

A small space screams for light colors for your furniture, floor and walls. After all, light colors ensure that the natural light in your home is enhanced. Do you find white a bit too boring? Then choose soft pastel colors such as taupe, old pink or mint green. When creating a color palette for your space, aim for a color palette of three colors: one accent color that can create depth and make things more exciting, and two light, bright shades that brighten up the space. Do you still need more courage in your interior? Paint some pieces of furniture in a bright color or choose some eye-catching accessories. Limit yourself to avoid an excess of colors, textures and impressions.

Scandinavian interior

Mirrors and glass for even more space

Are white walls not enough and do you want even more light in your home? Consider installing a glass wall. Replace a wall with glassware and bring in so much more natural light. Still don't see anything to do with your home? Then it helps to place some mirrors. Play with sizes and place different mirrors opposite your windows to immediately bathe in an oasis of light and open up the space completely without major interventions.

round mirror

Work in height

You can make your spaces bigger by working more in height with your interior. Let cupboards extend to the ceiling, hang a bookshelf above the door and apply vertical lines in your interior with wallpaper or paint. This way you make your rooms look even higher and bigger.

bamboo storage cabinet

Keep it multifunctional

In a small space you have to use every centimeter. Furniture that is multifunctional and creates a lot of storage space is therefore a win. Consider, for example, an extendable dining room table that you only need to fold out for a visit, a sofa bed that you can transform into a cozy sofa during the day, or a coffee table or ottoman where you can also store things. There is already a lot of nice furniture with cool designs that are both practical and stylish. Also invest in organizers and storage tools to create order out of chaos. Baskets in your bookcase or on your shelves can be a handy way to hide clutter or sort old magazines.

Work in layers for more depth

Small spaces often lack depth and that is not entirely illogical. With a few simple tricks you manage to create more structure. You do this by working with contrasts and different materials. Opt for a neutral sofa, but work with cushions in different colors and a plaid in a natural texture or with an interesting pattern to make the whole thing more interesting. Also the use of tapestries or rugs and the necessary dose wall art can help with this. But we repeat it again here: less is more , too much bustle and materials have the opposite effect and reduce your spaces.µ

Scandinavian interior

By Rebeca De Dobbelaer

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