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Playful, stylish and also easy to move to any room you want!


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    Leather Pouf - Cognac Leather

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    Cognac leather beanbag with backrest is ideal for getting through the morning bathroom chaos in peace. Sit down while your child is in the bath, or...

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    Original price €799,00 - Original price €799,00
    Original price
    €799,00 - €799,00
    Current price €799,00

Comfort and relaxation

Whether you want to lounge, read a book or just relax, beanbags provide a comfortable and flexible seating experience. They are perfect for both adults and children and can be easily moved to any space you want.

Buy a beanbag at Furnified

Questions or would you like some advice? At Furnified we think it is important to work with you to choose a beanbag. Be sure to drop by in one of our showrooms, then our sales staff will guide you completely in your choice of a beanbag, so that you can also feel the material yourself.

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