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How to turn your wall cabinet into a real centerpiece?

Here's how to turn your open wall cabinet into a centerpiece. Timeless, elegant and mood-setting: a vintage wall cabinet, or open shelf, is rightly very popular at the moment. With a beautiful wall cabinet, you will immediately have a centerpiece in your home. Want to know how to make it stand out in your home? Read on! An eye-catcher in your bedroom or living room A vintage wall cabinet immediately adds atmosphere to your home - no wonder it's one of our bestsellers! At Furnified you can choose between two sizes and three different finishes: in natural oak, warm teak or black wood. Whichever version you choose: with its clean lines and sophisticated look, this piece of furniture fits perfectly in your living room or bedroom. In your living room, you can use it to display your most precious memories and home accessories; in your bedroom, it's perfect for your beautiful sheets or cherished photos. For any interior Thanks to its narrow legs and high dimensions, the wall cabinet seems to float. This immediately gives the impression that a room is much less narrow and gives the illusion of space. Because a vintage wall unit looks rather simple and is made of wood, it fits well with most styles and interiors. If you have a modern, stylish home, a vintage wall unit can change the atmosphere in a heartbeat. Is your home decorated in a romantic way with lots of accessories? In that case, a wall unit will add a simple touch of sturdiness. Which colour scheme do you prefer? Furnified's vintage wall units in teak or oak really evoke that warm retro feeling. Do you want to reinforce this vintage atmosphere? Then play with warm, earthy tones like brown and orange. A contrasting colour like green keeps the room light and fresh. But even if you don't like colours, a retro wall cabinet can still shine in your home. For example, white is also a great colour choice if you are inspired by the style of the 50s, 60s and 70s. On a white background, one of our vintage wall cabinets makes sense; your home will look bigger and more spacious. Make it personal A vintage wall cabinet is beautiful, but how do you decorate it? Too many things on its shelves make the cabinet look messy, but not enough make it look unfinished. Here are some tips! First, create order out of chaos by grouping things together. Put books together, candles together and storage boxes together. Alternate between different heights for a playful effect. And keep it light by leaving empty shelves. As everything is visible in an open cupboard, it's good to keep the cupboard tidy. Finally, give the wardrobe a personal touch by displaying your favourite photos and treasured items. This way, your interior has more "character" and comes to life! Buy all our vintage wall cabinets here!
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