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Bathroom renovation? This way you can renovate your bathroom yourself without any problems!

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. You want this space to be pleasant to be in. Say goodbye to an outdated bathroom and choose the style that suits you.

Renovate your bathroom yourself - Furnified

Transform your bathroom into a hammam to relax? Or do you prefer 'black and white' contrasts or Scandinavian tranquility? The options are endless if you (partially) take care of your sanitary facilities yourself with a bathroom renovation. You save a lot of money and if something is ever wrong, you know exactly what to do. Read here how you can renovate your bathroom yourself without too much damage.

Install our bathroom furniture yourself

Our bathroom furniture is easy to install yourself, especially when the piping is all ready. Choose a set from the range or customize your own combination. You can put together a set to your own taste.

Customize your set

A plan for the start

Before you start renovating your bathroom, you must determine what you are going to do and what is possible. You do not want to discover during the renovation work that your plan cannot be realized because, for example, you have no drainage options in certain places or the bridging is too long.

Do you only replace the floor and furniture, but do you keep the general layout and therefore the pipes? Then you can do a lot yourself! You have to make sure that the existing facilities do not die during the demolition work/reconstruction of the new parts.

Do you want to start over from scratch? Then it might be better to speak to a professional. Check carefully what can be done where: moving a toilet is only possible if you can place a sufficiently large drain pipe in another place, and moving the shower is then possible again if you can factor in sufficient drainage under your floor.

Draw yourself

There are plenty of free drawing tools (BricsCAD, SketchUp, …) that you will quickly master. Work a clear map. Take cutting losses into account, both for tiles and skirting boards. You can therefore order +-15% more surface and length meters respectively to ensure that you arrive. Inform yourself in advance so that you use the right glue; with underfloor heating, for example, this is different.


Create a schedule in Excel and see what the delivery times are for your plumbing. Also plan when external parties have to come and fix something. Then calculate the budget so that you know whether extras are possible or whether you need to look for savings. Unexpected costs are unfortunately no exception and can be calculated as standard.

Craftsmanship by specialists

If you opt for a total bathroom renovation, don't take too much on board and leave the craftsmanship to professionals. Electrical and piping work is best left to a professional. In a wet room such as the bathroom, there are rules to take into account when it comes to electricity. According to the AREI, the electrical points must be located at least 60 cm from a water source. Piping works seem easier than they are and you want to prevent a leak rather than fix it. So don't be mistaken by rushing into this yourself.

Make clear agreements about what you will do yourself and which tasks you will have the handyman perform. Suggest to help the professional so that you have to pay less man-hours. Plan the work well in advance, because the best craftsmen have a crowded agenda.

Pipes under the screed are also better left to a professional, just like electrical work. You can then grind and fill the slots yourself.

What can you do yourself?

Demolition work, cleaning up, cleaning, painting and installing furniture can be done perfectly yourself. If you are going to tear down yourself, you have to be careful that you only tear down what will be renewed. Damage to pipes happens faster than you think, so work carefully. Keep track of the things you can reuse to save some money. You can certainly install furniture and sanitary facilities yourself if you are a bit handy. Read the technical data sheets carefully.

Beautiful interior choices for the bathroom

At the end comes the best part of renovating a bathroom: decorating it. Buy Beautiful marble sinks, fine furniture, a nice mirror for it and you will come a long way. Towel racks, laundry baskets, soap holders and other accessories to decorate your bathroom. It is better to throw away accessories from your previous bathroom that are an eyesore than to give them a second life.

Only start purchasing accessories when your bathroom is almost finished. You can then estimate much better what the possibilities of the space are and how you will live and move in it.

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