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Dé marmeren salontafel van Furnified? Die heet Richard

The marble coffee table from Furnified? His name is Richard

Buying a coffee table is quite an assignment. You are looking for the right shape, the ideal height and preferably it also fits seamlessly with your seat - and perhaps also the rest of your interior. Meet Richard, the marble coffee table from Furnified. It will become your perfect salon partner. You can read why that is here.

The shape of this marble coffee table

The coffee table we call Furnified Richard has an oval fit. Not perfectly oval, but you don't have to. It gives your salon that edgy edge. The top is large enough for a styling with a bouquet of dried flowers or a coffee table book, but it also fits enough glasses for a cozy aperitif or a coffee party - with cake of course!

Pssst, isn't your salon the biggest? No problem: you can choose from two sizes!

The colors of this marble coffee table

Richard's true colours? More than one! With marble you get a coffee table with effect in any case, but did you know that you can choose between sleek white , intense black , deep green , vintage gray or summery terrazzo ? Let Richard match the rest of your salon or opt for a contrasting color to put it in the spotlight.

The leaf itself is also nice and thin, so that the result remains elegant even with dark colors.

marble coffee table Richard Furnified

The base of this marble coffee table

Last but not least: the paws under Richard. Or rather: the iron frame. Sounds unwieldy? Is it not! The thin rounded structure gives your Richard in combination with its oval leaf a very airy look. Here too you can choose from different colors: black or gold.

Your Richard, the perfect marble coffee table

The coolest thing about the whole table is that you can just mix 'n match. Go for a gray top with a black base if you like that industrial look. Prefer something lighter? Green and gold are still doing very well today. The hardest? To elect!

Shop your favorite Richard coffee table here .

Marble coffee table Furnified

Dress up your Richard

Color combination chosen? Great, then you can already think about the decoration. Depending on the other furniture in your living room and the atmosphere you want to radiate, you can go in different directions. We give 3 ideas:

1. Flowers and co

A vase with a bouquet in it (dried or not) always looks good. Just make sure that the whole thing doesn't get too bombastic, because you also work in height. If you go for a dry bouquet, choose colors that match the vase. Would you like fresh? Then a transparent vase is the way to go. Or opt for a few small and large(r) pots with plants. Jungle effect guaranteed!

2. Reading pleasure

Do you have your nose in the books and do you like to show it? Then Richard is a great partner for displaying your most beautiful coffee table books. Our advice: no more than three books and stack them from largest to smallest. This way the titles remain visible and the whole does not become too unwieldy. Tired of them? Then you simply give them a place in a handsome magazine holder .

3. Kid proof

Kids in the house? That doesn't have to be an obstacle to dressing a Richard. Just put candles and other small necessities that make it cozy in the evening in a nice storage basket with a lock. No fear of grabbing hands and it also looks nice too!

Whatever you choose, with Richard you get a simple but appealing coffee table. Perfectly likes to be (literally) alone in the center of attention, but even dressed it remains an absolute eye-catcher. What will it be?

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