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Dé trend van dit moment: bouclé meubels

The trend of the moment: bouclé furniture

A must-have trend in your home: bouclé. This coarse yet soft fabric was first featured by Coco Chanel and is now backin style.  

What is bouclé? 

The term "Bouclé" comes from the French and literally means "curly". The fabric has a lively appearance due to its structure. This bouclé fabric consists of loosely woven patterns, threads and loops of different fabrics. This is why you see irregular knots, bumps or loops. 

Despite its rough structure, this fabric is soft and warm, and therefore perfect for your interior. In addition, it is hard-wearing and wrinkle-free, which is also practical for your furniture. However, it is good to know that it is in the fashion world that bouclé has made its name. 

From the fashion world to the interior 

In 1954, the designer Coco Chanel created the "little black jacket" and the "little black dress", simple basics that were supposed to give elegance to all women. She made both designs in bouclé. The robust structure immediately gave the garments a luxurious look, and it wasn't long before bouclé became known as the "Chanel fabric". 


Bouclé is soft and pleasant, warm, cuddly, comfortable and above all wrinkle-free. It is also strong. It is therefore not surprising that the fabric has made its way from chic jackets to furniture such as sofas, armchairs and footstools. 

Cozy fabric 

Because bouclé is so soft, this fabric is perfect for comfortable furniture such as an armchair or sofa. Don't have the space to buy a large sofa, but still want to follow the bouclé trend? Then opt for a bouclé beanbag or cushion. You will find this style of fabric mainly in white tones, and sometimes with a touch of brown or grey. This makes room for a chair, sofa, footstool or cushion in any style.

How to combine curly furniture in your home 

You can do anything with bouclé: pair it with other soft, cosy items such as a sheepskin or a warm throw. You can also opt for a stronger contrast and combine your bouclé furniture with metal. Because of the luxurious look of the fabric, it combines well with shiny and golden materials. 

Are you looking for both harmony and a little contrast in your interior? Combine bouclé with other textured fabrics such as velvet, teddy and wool.  

Maintain the beauty of your bouclé furniture 

Bouclé is a low-maintenance fabric. The raw structure makes small stains less visible anyway. For light-coloured furniture, it is advisable to impregnate the fabric to make it resistant to stains. 

If you have nevertheless stained your new furniture, gently dab the stain with a clean cloth containing warm water and a little mild detergent. Don't rub: not only does this make the stain worse, it also destroys the loops in the fabric. 

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