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Trend van dit moment: een donkere badkamer

Trend of the moment: a dark bathroom

A dark bathroom, do you dare? It is the trend for 2021 and we are a fan. Read our blog for tips and inspiration for your dark bathroom!

For daredevils

For a dark bathroom you have to be a little daring, most people still go for a predominantly white bathroom. That is also a reason to go for a dark bathroom: you distinguish yourself from others. But there are more reasons to opt for a dark bathroom. In this blog we explain them and we immediately give you some tips to get started yourself.  

A dark bathroom exudes luxury, creates a mysterious feeling, but above all a sense of security. Would you like to relax in a warm bath after a busy day at work? In a dark bathroom you have fewer incentives to distract you, so you relax even better.  

dark bathroom

Step by step

You can make a bathroom as dark as you want. Even bathroom sanitary ware is now available in black. Is a black toilet a bit too intense for you? Then start with black accents: think of a black faucet , sink or bathroom furniture.  

You can also add a dark accent with bathroom textiles, a shower curtain or accessories such as a soap dispenser and the toothbrush holder. Get used to it, and then go one step further.  

The right lighting

A dark bathroom makes small. This is ideal if you want to make a larger space feel cozier. This is less practical for a small bathroom. Then stick to accents, or make sure you have enough lighting in the bathroom to make the room feel bigger. Do you have a window in your bathroom? The presence of daylight makes your bathroom optically larger, so you can safely go for dark colors.  

In a large bathroom, make sure that you can dim the light properly. This is how you create that mysterious, intimate atmosphere in your bathroom. Choose warm light instead of bright fluorescent light and go for several small light sources instead of one large light source.  

dark bathroom

An alternative to black

Is black too intense for you? Then go for the trend color of the moment: dark green. By choosing a warm shade of green, your bathroom will automatically become less 'harsh'. Hang a lot of plants here too and transform your bathroom into an urban jungle .  

You can easily continue green in your bathroom: from a green wall and tiles to a green sink .  

metal sink

This is how you combine a dark bathroom

A dark bathroom has a chic look in itself. If you go for ultimate luxury, combine your dark bathroom with golden details. For example, a mirror with a gold frame or a gold tap . Finish it off with a black marble sink . Would you rather create a little more warmth? Then add dark wood and some plants. Tropical hardwood such as teak can withstand water and is therefore very suitable for the bathroom. Plants such as the spoon plant, grass lily and the fern do well in dark and damp rooms and are therefore a good choice for your dark bathroom.  

Are you going for a modern, sleek look ? Then add white accents in your dark bathroom. The contrast of the bright white with the dark black creates a sleek and industrial look. Choose a metal washbasin to complete the industrial look.  

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