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Zo creëer je een hotel chique badkamer

This is how you create a hotel chic bathroom

The feeling of waking up in a luxury hotel every day. Everyone wants that, right? With a hotel chic bathroom you create that luxurious hotel feeling at home. In this blog we give you tips and inspiration to give your own bathroom a hotel chic makeover .

A hotel feeling at home

The atmosphere of a luxury star hotel, but in your own home. Last year, the staycation was more important than ever. Why would you book an expensive hotel when you can also experience that luxurious hotel feeling at home, day after day? By using the right colors and materials you can give your bathroom the chic look & feel of a star hotel with a few simple adjustments and you will wake up relaxed every day. 

hotel chic bathroom set

The looks of a hotel chic bathroom  

The most striking thing about a chic hotel bathroom is the luxury and comfort that the room exudes. Many people quickly opt for a practical bathroom at home, while hotels often also look for beautiful materials and the right finish that gives you that luxurious look.  

Therefore, when designing your hotel chic bathroom, do not only take practical matters into account, but also focus on aesthetic matters. Go for materials and colors that exude luxury, such as marble and gold. With dark and warm tones you quickly create a hotel chic feeling.  

Create a mood board before you start designing and planning. Use interior design magazines or brochures from hotels as inspiration for your dream bathroom. This way you know in advance whether all your wishes fit together well.

Go for luxury and comfort  

If you want to create a chic hotel bathroom, invest in luxury gadgets such as underfloor heating, mirrors with built-in lighting and a design radiator. It is precisely these elements that provide extra comfort and a luxurious feeling.  

Go for a double shower or a large rain shower. Do you have enough space for a bath? Then place a freestanding bath. If you really want a luxurious feeling, go for a bubble bath!  

atmosphere hotel chic bathroom

Choose the right colors and materials  

When furnishing your bathroom, opt for dark and warm tones and opt for chic materials. Think of golden faucets , marble sinks or go for a bathroom furniture with a design wash bowl on top . 

Also take into account the right lighting. Make sure you place soft and warm light that doesn't come across as too bright or harsh. Do you have a window in your bathroom? Then go for luxurious window coverings such as velvet curtains or wooden shutters.

bathroom furniture

It's in the details 

The details are especially important in a chic hotel bathroom. So don't forget to invest in good accessories. Think of soft towels (go for a large size and all in the same color for that real hotel feeling), but also a vase with dried flowers or a home perfume. 

When it comes to details, also think about the right finish: beautiful golden handles, a chic hook for your bathrobe and a nice wall rack for your towels. By styling everything chic from head to toe, you really create a hotel chic bathroom. 

Do you need even more inspiration? Visit our showroom in Antwerp or Amsterdam. We like to think along with you when designing your chic hotel bathroom.

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