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How do you choose the right coffee table? Read it here!

A coffee table is often the focal point of your living room and can have a big impact on the overall look and functionality of the room. Whether you are looking for a coffee table to complement your interior or to make a statement, it is important to make the right choice. At Furnified we offer a wide range of coffee tables in different shapes, sizes and materials, so you're guaranteed to find the perfect table to suit your style and needs. In this blog we share some useful tips to help you choose the right coffee table.

Consider the size and shape

Before choosing a coffee table, it is important to consider the size and shape of your living room. A large, spacious living room can benefit from a larger coffee table, while a compact space can benefit from a smaller size. Also consider the shape of the table. Round coffee tables can have a softer and more inviting look, while square coffee tables offer a sleeker and more structured look. Organic coffee tables can add a playful and contemporary element to your interior.

Choose the right material

The material of the coffee table plays a major role in both its aesthetics and durability. At Furnified we offer coffee tables in a variety of materials, including veneer wood, ceramic, marble, concrete look, terrazzo and travertine. Each material has its own unique properties and appearance, so choose something that suits the style of your interior and your personal preferences. Also consider the maintenance requirements of the material and whether it is suitable for daily use.Travertin salontafel van Furnified in een woonkamer.ALT

Think about functionality

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is important to also consider the functionality of the coffee table. Consider whether you need extra storage space for magazines, remote controls or other items. For example, some coffee tables have built-in drawers or shelves, while others are simple and minimalist. Choose a table that meets your needs and lifestyle, without compromising the style of your interior.

Tune in to your interior style

It's important that your coffee table matches the rest of your decor and complements the overall style of the room. Whether you have a modern, industrial, Scandinavian, bohemian or classic interior, Furnified has coffee tables that fit perfectly with every style. Choose a table that enhances the atmosphere of your living room and forms a harmonious whole with the other pieces of furniture and accessories.

You can find your coffee table at Furnified

At Furnified we understand the importance of choosing the right coffee table for your living room. With our diverse selection of coffee tables in different shapes, sizes and materials, you are guaranteed to find the perfect table that suits your taste and needs. Use the above tips as a guide to make the right choice and create a stylish and functional living room that you can be proud of.

Discover Furnified's coffee tables!

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