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Japandi: Scandinavisch design meets Japanse interieurstijl

Japandi: Scandinavian design meets Japanese interior style

When Scandinavia meets Japan, you get the Japandi style, an interior design trend that is on the rise. It Scandinavian interior is now well established, but the Japanese interior trend is still gaining popularity. The Japandi look is minimalist and functional, but at the same time very warm and soothing. You could say that a hint of the imperfection of the wabi-sabi style shines through in this movement. Read here how you can transform your interior into a Japandi dream home.

Inspiration from both countries

In the Japandi style we notice a natural harmony. Danish architects went to Japan a hundred years ago to get inspired. Many interior enthusiasts believe that Japanese influences have crept into Danish architecture because of this. Furthermore, people in Japan are also huge fans of Danish design. There is a clear interaction between the two countries. They also enjoy the same values: craftsmanship and natural materials are paramount. Both styles have a great love for art.

japandi style scandinavian

Pure lines and natural materials

If you are going to integrate the Japandi style into your home, it is crucial to integrate minimalism. Go for clean lines without too many frills. Choose natural materials and use different textures and layers. In both Danish and Japanese design it is important to integrate the warmth of natural materials. Choose wooden furniture, which is preferably untreated. If you rather opt for the Japanese style, it is better to work with dark woods. One golden rule? Keep it tight.

japandi style interior

Functionality prevails

Say goodbye to unnecessary accessories, because design should be functional rather than decorative. For example, give your ceramic tableware a place in sight or let an empty vase steal the show. Put a few items in the foreground and leave the rest behind.

japan living room japan dining room

A natural color palette

Do you want to let the Scandinavian prevail? Then choose light and neutral tones to use in your living spaces. Rich colors are more in line with the Japanese side. Work in large areas with colors such as green, brown or blue.

Black accessories also fit perfectly with Japandi. Think of a black vase or night light. This black forms a nice contrast with the warm woods and light colours. All items have clearly been carefully chosen in these bedrooms.

Japanese bedroom

Retro Japandi

The Japandi style can also be rather retro. By choosing dark teak you are more likely to create a retro Japandi style. Our Salvin sideboard in teak matches well with a Japandi interior. The starting point here should be to start from a well-considered color scheme with a retro edge. Combine clean lines with nuances and embrace all your interior items using soft and retro colours. The environment emphasizes the Salvin dresser beautiful and gives the room a fresh, Japandi look.

japandi furnified

The Furnified way

In this interior we looked for the contract between warm, comfortable colors on the one hand and dark, black tones on the other, between pleasant designs and clean lines. We integrated a lot of wood to bring out the natural atmosphere. The result is a functional, yet cozy space in Japandi style.

Japandi the furnished way

By Lien Egghe

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