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Kijk mee in het huis en het hoofd van Furnified-oprichter Dimitri De Vocht

Take a look inside the house and head of Furnified founder Dimitri De Vocht

The inventor of an online design store with affordable designs, how does he see (his) interior design evolving? We asked Furnified founder Dimitri De Vocht. Or what bathrooms, the Voorkempen and corona have to do with each other.

Who is Dimitri De Vocht?

  • Married to Leen, two sons (7 and 10 years old)
  • Is the founder of Furnified and Furnified , a sister company that creates unique design specifically for the bathroom
  • Has been living for a few years in a house where heirlooms, vintage design and own designs make up the interior.

Dimitri, we're straight to the point: what did you remember about corona?

Dimitri: “In general, I think that the pandemic and the associated lockdown have made people think more about how their house looks and looks. A pleasant home is such a pleasure and I truly believe that people will pay more attention to their interiors now.

I myself used that period to put things in order that would normally have been left behind after a renovation and a move.”

That's right, not so long ago you moved with your family, after a real renovation. How did you get started as a designer?

Dimitri: “Buying a ready-made home was not for us. Our boys needed enough space outside to play well. After a few years in Borgerhout, we wanted to look for greener places, especially for the children. My wife and I were both born and raised in the Voorkempen. Both parents still live there, so the choice was obvious.”

“During the search for a home, we always look to see if we can put our own stamp on it. That is important to us. We also pay attention to the orientation and the incidence of light. We have completely gutted the house where we live now. We removed the wooden paneling on the ceiling and the brown floor tiles and occupied the whole neatly. All walls went in white and in the bedrooms we opted for oak parquet in a herringbone pattern. The rest of the house has terracotta floors. It resembles tadelakt (waterproof gloss plaster based on hydrated lime), but has a slightly coarser structure.”

“We try to vary in style. That is why we have tried to make the house as timeless as possible by choosing sober colours. With the furniture and decorative elements, we adapt the interior to today's trends. Now, for example, we have mixed our own designs with old cabinets that I bought from relatives or at flea markets. That mix gives extra value to your interior.”


Which room or object in your home do you value the most?

Dimitri: “Gosh, that's a tough question. There are many things in this house that qualify, in the first place because I designed them myself.”

“My favorite room will be the kitchen. The dining table for everyday use is there, life happens here every day. There is also a lot of light in this place and a nice view of the garden, where the boys like to play. Thanks to the pellet stove that we recently installed, it is always pleasant to stay here.

Meanwhile, Furnified, your design baby, has been around since 2015. What do you think is the signature of the brand?

Dimitri: “That we use quality to deliver quality. Our materials are of a premium class and it shows. The natural materials we choose, such as marble, teak, oak, walnut, and leather, give each piece an instant upgrade.”

What is your favorite piece and what does it do well with the general public?

Dimitri: “Our customers are in love with the vintage wall cabinet in teak . I can understand, it is a sizeable eye-catcher – literally and figuratively – in which you can both store and display things. The cabinet can also be expanded.

I myself am a big fan of the vintage sideboard and the marble coffee tables . It all started with that so logically those are my favorites. Although we have recently added some beautiful pieces, such as a beautiful table in walnut. So I'm going to have to review my top three soon (laughs) .”

You are not only a designer for Furnified, you also think up designs for Furnified. A bathroom furniture store, that's how we remember it. What sets Furnified apart from the rest?

Dimitri: “That we start from furniture that we would like to bring into our own home. With Furnified we want to create bathroom furniture that adds a unique touch. Such a bathroom with character, isn't that what everyone wants?

Just like with Furnified, we also work with natural materials here and we go for the combination of unprecedented design with a one of a kind attitude. We also make our products directly in a workshop, without intermediaries. This allows us to keep the price-quality ratio sharp. A nice asset!”

You can only buy Furnified designs online, although there is a showroom to view designs. Is GO an online store with a showroom, or is it the other way around?

Dimitri: “We are an online store with a showroom. This gives customers who would like to see, feel and experience the whole thing in real life the opportunity to do so. You can go to the showroom for free advice and support with the purchase.”

Would you buy a bathroom online?

Dimitri: “Absolutely. You can simply find all the information online: dimensions, price, colours,… everything you need to know to make a choice. If you still have a question, you can just call. A visit to the showroom is of course also an option. It will soon open in Amsterdam , by the way.”

Do you consider yourself a trendsetter?

Dimitri: Customers often tell us that – once they have purchased one of our designs – they want to continue in that style, a real Furnified of Furnified 'look & feel'. I think the best compliment is that they label our style as unique. Because for both brands we are working hard to introduce such a special concept in the market. This includes unique designs with a you love it or hate it character. It is important to us that we always create something the world has never seen before.

Drawing a piece of furniture is not difficult. Bringing that design to life in an efficient way at an acceptable price, that's where the real challenge lies. Especially because we do not shy away from using more expensive materials in that creation process. In my opinion, the natural materials give extra value to the piece. It makes every piece of furniture a unique pièce, with its own history, including the imperfections of the chosen material. To everyone to discover them, I would say (laughs) .”

Author: M.AH.L.

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