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Terrazzo: spikkels van geluk in je interieur

Terrazzo: specks of happiness in your interior

In the 1920s and 1930s, terrazzo or granito was very popular as a stair and floor covering. This idiosyncratic speckled floor has made a comeback and is becoming a true competitor for marble in interior design . Discover all about this great Italian mix of cement and marble granulate here.


The material

Terrazzo or granito is a material that consists of marble chips, often residual materials, that have been set in concrete. Nowadays, residual materials of granite, glass and metal are also used. The correct flakes are put together and then poured into concrete. The real terrazzo has a mineral base and is not cast in an alternative material such as synthetic resin. As a final step, the surface is polished until it is completely smooth.

Erik bistro table with terrazzo

A bit of history

We know that in the 1920s and 1930s, terrazzo was in demand as a stair and floor covering. However, the material has been around since Roman times and the technique has hardly changed since then. The Romans already added mosaics at the time to create an extra beautiful rock. In the 1920s, they added shiny brass profiles. Over the years, there has been diligent experimentation with this material.

Let that be the attraction of this stone. After all, you can create something yourself with the terrazzo technique; make a mix of what you like. In the end you form a solid stone, which can never be changed and can withstand the vagaries of time. Moreover, that stone is also unique thanks to the quirky patterns and the palette of colors with which you can experiment!

All round terrazzo

Where terrazzo used to be used only for floors and stairs, it now returns in the kitchen, the bathroom, as a window sill, etc. The material is given an explicit leading role in some apartments and houses. It has become a multifunctional material that can and will be integrated everywhere. Its uniqueness and durability already partly explain its popularity. However, it is also nice that you do not easily see spots on granito and that also makes it an extremely useful material.

Kitchen with terrazzo finish

Source: vinterioruk , victoria_albert_baths , terrazzopoland

Terrazzo is usually used in the kitchen: as a floor covering, splashback or worktop. Some opt for a small speck, while others show a bit more guts. A busy and colorful pattern is perfect in a kitchen. Some bathrooms are even completely finished in terrazzo.

If you choose a total picture with granito and you let the same pattern come back in different rooms, you get a unique atmosphere in your home. Unity radiates strength. Granito will act as an eye-catcher in a minimalist interior, while it can guarantee an authentic touch in a modern home. Granito can connect all colors in a vintage interior.

Small granito accents

Terrazzo accents in our furniture

Not in the mood for a renovation? Then you can also integrate terrazzo into small accents in the home. Just think of a coffee table, a side table, a console table, ... plenty of choice!

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By Lien Egghe

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