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A sideboard, wall cabinet, TV cabinet or are you looking for a wall shelf? A Furnified cabinet should not be missing in your interior.

Discover our versatile range of bar cabinets to bookcases and store your stuff neatly or just unpack with it!

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    Shelving Unit/Shelf - Napels - Green Marble - 50cm

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    Napels is a beautiful shelving unit of 50 cm. The combination of the green marble shelf and black frame gives your wall an instant upgrade. Moreove...

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    Original price €139,00 - Original price €139,00
    Original price
    €139,00 - €139,00
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Find the perfect cabinet for your interior

At Furnified we offer a diverse collection of cabinets that not only add functionality, but also style to your interior. With a range of materials and different types of cabinets, we have the ideal storage solution for your specific needs and taste.

Wood: Warmth and elegance combined with marble

Our wooden cabinets are mainly made of veneer wood and exude warmth and elegance. They are available in different finishes. If you find it a bit simple, then we certainly also have sideboards with marble tops, for example. These cabinets add a touch of luxury to your interior and at the same time offer ample storage space.

Metal: Industrial and contemporary

Our metal cabinets are the perfect choice for an industrial and contemporary look. They go well with modern interior styles. Whether as a bookcase, sideboard, storage cabinet or TV cabinet, our metal cabinets offer both style and functionality.

Rattan: Charm and natural beauty

If you are looking for a cabinet with a charming and natural look, consider our rattan cabinets. Rattan is a durable and flexible material that will add a touch of rustic charm to your interior. These cabinets are perfect for storing books, crockery or decorative items.

Bookcases, sideboards, storage cabinets and more

Whether you want to organize your books, store your crockery, place your TV or display your wine collection, at Furnified we have cabinets for every need. Our bookcases are designed to display your books and decorative items, while our sideboards and storage cabinets provide ample storage space for all your belongings. We have stylish TV cabinets for organizing your TV and media equipment and we have beautiful wine refrigerators for displaying your favorite wines. Moreover, our wall cabinets are ideal for making a statement and enhancing your interior.

Create your perfect storage space

At Furnified we understand that storage space is essential in any interior and that you want to reflect your personal style. That is why we offer a wide choice of cabinets with different materials and types, so that you can find the perfect match. Whether you like a classic, modern, industrial or bohemian style, our cabinets offer the perfect balance between functionality and design. Discover our collection today and give your interior the storage space it deserves with our beautiful cabinets.

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