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Discover our beautiful garden furniture collection, perfect for any outdoor space. Choose from a wide variety of styles and materials, including comfortable lounge sets in elegant dining tables. Get ready to relax and enjoy the great outdoors in style.

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Buy garden furniture at Furnified

Would you like to buy garden furniture for your garden? Then you've come to the right place at Furnified! Be seduced when you take a look at our garden furniture collections. We think it is important that you can enjoy the outdoors for hours. As a result, we paid close attention to comfort in our design process. You can see this in all our garden furniture at Furnified. We also think it is important that you can purchase a hip and trendy item for a good price. As a result, we are always keeping an eye on the latest trends in garden furniture so that we can realize them for you.

Complete set

Lounge sets

At Furnified we offer a wide range of garden furniture . We have beautiful lounge set collections. Our Como collection consists of a lounge chair made of teak wood and equipped with beige cushions so you can enjoy it for hours. The Morris lounge set garden furniture consists of two parts that you can easily place together or separately. The beige cushions are also included in this set, which provides extra comfort!

Garden tables

A good garden table is essential to enjoy cozy dinners outside with friends and family. At Furnified we have a wide range of garden tables in different shapes and sizes. We have garden tables that are made of the beautiful MicroSkin material. We have the Hector garden table that fits in with the current trend, a large table with a concrete look. The big brother of the Hector garden table is our Limoges garden table . With a length of 260 centimeters and a beautifully organically shaped top, you are assured of a trendy outdoor space with plenty of space. Would you prefer a smaller MicroSkin table? Then the Reef round outdoor table is perfect for you! We also have a range of wooden garden tables. For example, we have a rectangular wooden garden table that is made of teak and is available in two different sizes. There is also an oval wooden garden table that is also made of teak wood and comes in three different sizes. If you prefer a more relaxed setting, then the Sierra low dining garden table is for you. If wood and MicroSkin are not your thing, we also have a choice of white ceramic garden tables. For example, we have the Marseille garden table in 200 and 240 centimeters. Our Nantes garden table has a beautiful ceramic oval table top and will create an elegant atmosphere.

Garden chairs

Whoever says A must also say B, so that is why we at Furnified have a nice selection of garden chairs . Our Kali garden chair is made of teak wood, which means it will fit perfectly in your outdoor space. The chair is designed so that you can relax outside with a good book or catch up with your friends. What makes the chair extra comfortable is the cushion , which has a modern white color. We have our beautiful Vic stackable garden chairs for the dining table. These garden chairs are made of teak wood, so this chair will fit perfectly in your outdoor space and create an elegant atmosphere. The Vic garden chair is stackable so it is easy to store away.

Materials that suit you


Our garden furniture is made of different materials . Robust, stylish and with a natural look: Microskin has it all! This special material, Mortex, a plaster based on cement and lime, offers a trendy concrete look for the home. Manually pigmented with various color shades and techniques, it gives objects a unique structure, ranging from modern to classic. Microskin is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to maintain thanks to its seamless and waterproof finish. Ideal for lovers of statement furniture with character, such as the Mortex table. Spilled? Don't panic, just quickly wipe with a soft cloth and mild detergent for a flawless result!


Wooden garden furniture is timeless and always remains elegant. As a result, we have made part of our garden furniture collection from the most beautiful wood products. Wood has the property of being strong. Wood is also a good material that will blend in perfectly with your outdoor space. Even though wood is a good material for your outdoor space, it sometimes needs some extra love. To maintain wooden furniture, avoid direct sunlight and maintain optimal humidity. Daily remove crumbs and dust, blot up spills, repair with soapy water if necessary. Keep furniture dust-free with a microfiber cloth. For stains, use a maintenance wax or oil depending on sensitivity. Consider lacquer for protection and choose between matte, opaque or glossy. Easy to clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth.


With our ceramic garden furniture you can add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space! Our ceramic garden furniture has a luxurious marble look, which makes it luxurious garden furniture. Unlike marble, ceramic is resistant to scratches, chemicals, alkaline products, heat, frost and UV radiation. This makes the table a perfect choice if you are looking for easy-care garden furniture.

Experience it in real life

Would you like some advice or would you just like to see the garden furniture in real life? At Furnified we think it is important to work with you to choose an outdoor item. Be sure to visit one of our showrooms , where we are ready to help you. You can contact us for all your questions and styling advice. So come by and see what Furnified has to offer!

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