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Buy wall cabinet at Furnified

Do you want to buy a wall cabinet ? Discover our beautiful collection of wall cabinets and add a touch of nostalgia to your interior. Our wall cabinets are made from high-quality materials, including veneer wood, metal and rattan, and offer a perfect blend of vintage charm and functionality. With their unique designs and characteristic details, our wall cabinets are real eye-catchers that transform your interior.

Wall cabinet for every interior

Wall cabinet wood

Our wall cabinets made of veneer wood radiate warmth and authenticity. The veneer wood gives each cabinet a unique pattern and a natural look. The warm colors and textures of the wood add a touch of vintage charm to your interior. Whether you choose an open wall cabinet or a wall cabinet with doors, the veneer wood provides a timeless beauty that enriches any room.

Wall cabinet metal and marble tops

For a touch of luxury and elegance, you can choose a wall cabinet with a metal frame and marble tops. The metal gives the cabinets an industrial look, while the marble top adds a touch of luxury. This combination of materials creates a beautiful contrast and makes the wall cabinet an eye-catcher in your interior. Perfect for lovers of a vintage wall cabinet or industrial wall cabinet.

Wall cabinet rattan accents

Some of our wall cabinets feature rattan accents, giving them a bohemian flair. The rattan adds a natural element to the cabinets and creates a playful and informal atmosphere. These rattan wall cabinets are ideal for lovers of a vintage-bohemian interior and add a unique charm to any room.

Expand wall cupboard

It is important when choosing a wall cabinet to take the size and layout of your space into account. Our collection contains cabinets in different sizes. Still need more space than expected because you want to put away more stuff? At Furnified you have the option to further expand the wall cabinets. You can purchase these separately if you need more storage space or would like a larger wall cupboard.

Experience it in real life

Use this section to welcome customers to Would you like some extra advice or would you just like to see the wall cabinets in real life? At Furnified we think it is important to work with you to choose the suitable wall cabinet. Be sure to visit one of our showrooms , where we are ready to help you. You can contact us for all your questions and styling advice. So come by and see what Furnified has to offer!your store, say a bit about your brand, or share news and seasonal promotions.

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